Constitution 2019

Duane Mittelheuser founded Computers United Baseball League in October 1994. The inaugural season was played in 1995 with 14 teams using APBA Baseball for Windows and the 1994 season disk.

Vince Priblo ran the league until 2015, George Glavas is now the CUBL Commissioner. 



COMMISSIONER – George Glavas

  • Resolves any disputes that may arise among team owners.
  • Distributes commissioner files determined by the schedule.
  • Creates the season schedule
  • Coordinates the Annual Rookie Draft (January) and the Waiver Draft 
  • Responsible for administration of CUBL website
  • This is a NON-AIM League and there will be no voting of moving to AIM
  • Charter proposals to begin after the end of the World Series, voting the last two weeks of November and trade period will open December 1st.


  • Must use the latest version of the APBA Computer Baseball , as well as the current season disk
  • Must keep up to date with ‘C’ and ‘F’ files during the season
  • If files are NOT received per the important dates and time TBA, results will be simmed by the league office
  • Will be removed from the league if they fail to promptly submit files, adhere to league rules or otherwise act in a manner which is detrimental to the league
  • Managers must act in a fair and considerate manner to other managers
  • Must play every game to win


IN-SEASON: shall consist of no more than 40 players during each CUBL season.

  • No more than 21 players PLUS the starting rotation may be ACTIVE for any series during April through August
  • Active rosters may be changed between series only
  • During the month of September (or last 30 games), all players on the roster may be activated (unless they have exceeded their limitations – see below)


  • Position players are limited to their actual number of games played
  • Pitchers may not exceed their actual number of game starts or innings on the current disk except starting pitchers may exceed innings total if they have at least 1 inning remaining and can make a start, they are eligible to pitch 9 innings in that game.
  • Pitchers rated 5 or less are allowed to play 150% of actual starts and innings, with starters limited to 200 innings and relievers 100 innings.
  • Relief appearances are unlimited for any pitcher, including pitchers who did not appear in relief in real life (provided they have not exceeded their inning limit).
  • Injured players are required to miss only the game in which they are injured
  • Failure of managers to adhere to player limitations and the spirit of the rule, may result in “fines” of draft picks, and eventual removal from the league, to be determined by the commissioner
  • 2018, Commissioner will decide all fines
  • Players are limited to 125% of Steal Attempts; when the limit is reached, steal ratings will be altered automatically.


  • Consists of eight rounds
  • Any player currently not on a CUBL roster, provided they are on the current season disk, is eligible to be drafted
  • Shall be conducted at an announced time approximately 2 weeks after the APBA data disk is released (Feb. 3rd)
  • Shall be conducted online or via email draft program
  • Draft order will be the inverted order of finish in the previous season, based on winning percentage. In a case of any tie(s), the team with the better head-to-head season record will be awarded the higher pick. (Then a coin-flip)
  • Trading during the draft is permitted, provided that trades are reported immediately to the commissioner
  • Trading of draft picks for the following year are permitted, provided that trades are reported immediately to the commissioner
  • New Managers, if draft picks are traded by a manager that is no longer with CUBL, there will be NO supplemental draft picks, or draft picks awarded back to the new team


2019 CUBL Calendar

JANUARY 2019 1ST Trading Season Opens

JANUARY 2019 1st Charter Proposal updated and Constitution updated

TBA               Trading reopens when rosters confirmed

TBA Draft begins approximately 2 weeks after data disk available

JANUARY 19TH Email Draft Begins

FEBRUARY 24th Roster cuts due, rosters cut to 50

MARCH 1ST Roster cuts due, rosters cut to 42


Tony Troia will be running Waiver Wire Draft – all picks (unlimited) will go to this email address all cuts will go rosters must always be at 42 so if you make pick(s) you must make corresponding cuts. If you do NOT cut by the required date, you WILL lose your waiver wire picks from that week)

All Rosters MUST cut to 42 on March 1st – I will send out a reminder about a week prior to the teams that must cut to 42

March 1st – Picks sent to – BY 9PM EST

March 2nd – Results sent to league

March 3rd – 5th – Roster cuts to 42 due and send to

March 8th – Picks sent to – BY 9PM EST

March 9th – Results sent to league

March 10th – 12th – Roster cuts to 42 due and send to

March 15th – Picks sent to – BY 9PM EST

March 16th – Results sent to league

March 17th – 19th – Roster cuts to 42 due and send to

March 22nd – Picks sent to – BY 9PM EST

March 23rd – Results sent to league


Final Cuts to 40 due ASAP, you may pickup up any player on a first come first served basis,  first f-files due April 5th (NEW 1/2019)


  • Continuous Ownership –  teams do not lose a player unless they trade or release him from the roster
  • Once a team releases a player, he is eligible for the next (or current) draft only. Teams may not “un-release” a player to include him in a trade or reinstate him to the roster


  • Permitted in the off-season starting after the conclusion of the CUBL World Series, and will cease briefly before the rookie draft
  • Trading will open sometime after the CUBL World Series, approx. two weeks after the close of the season
  • Trading during the rookie draft is permitted and will continue from the beginning of the NEW season until JULY 24TH. All Trades will be effective the NEXT c-file date.
  • Players and rookie draft picks may be traded.  No “players to be named later” or “future considerations” are permitted
  • There may be short “black-out” periods, when no trades are allowed. These will be determined by the commissioner
  • Trading is permitted during the season.  Trades may be conducted between scheduled league files at times designated times by the commissioner,  with the following restrictions
  1. Teams must not exceed a 40 man roster at all times.
  2. Player usage and limits must be understood by and agreed to at the time of the trade


  • Currently consists of four, 5-team divisions (North, South, East & West), for a total of 20 teams
  • Expansion will be voted on by each league member ONE YEAR in advance of the expansion date, provided that any league member proposes it
  • The expansion draft format will be determined by the commissioner, but will involve players and draft picks
  • Existing teams do not lose draft picks
  • Expansion will necessitate re-alignment of divisions


  • Shall be 162 games and will be released before the start of the current season.
  • Head to Head play is encouraged as much as possible
  • Managers must submit a franchise file (f-file) for their team (setting roster, line-ups, rotation) and results files when due
  • Rosters are allowed to have 21 NON starting pitchers + plus the starting rotation (regardless of how many are in the rotation)
  • Teams must maintain a minimum four man starting pitching rotation shall be used during the regular season. Starting pitchers MUST rest a minimum 3 games between starts.   
  • A minimum 5 man bullpen must be active
  • The designated hitter will be used, and all major league designated hitter rules apply
  • Players are eligible to start at any position for which they receive a rating on the current season disk.  Each active roster must have eligible substitutes for every position.  Any usage problems must be reported to commissioner immediately.  Managers can make the best, logical corrections
  • Teams may not remove a player from the game if there is no backup available for his defensive position. Pitchers may only bat if necessary
  • Teams should make sure they have 243 games at catcher (50% over 162) to cover micro manager usage


  • The four divisional winners and 2 wild card teams (teams NOT divisional winners with the best records) make the playoffs. This will be a (5) five game series
  • The two best division winning teams (teams 1 and 2) will get a bye for the “wild card round”
  • The other 2 division winning teams will play the two wild card teams will play a best of 5 series in the “Wild Card Round”. Format will be 1 vs 4 and 2 vs. 3
  • All playoff ties will be broken with a ONE-GAME Playoff (NEW 1/2019)
  • Game format in the 5 game series will be 2-2-1 and in the 7 game series it will be 2-3-2
  • Post Season Restrictions
  • 25-man rosters are NOT frozen during the entire post-season. 2017 NEW RULE
  • Teams must carry a minimum of 4 starting pitchers and 5 relievers
  • 2 Days off will be added to the schedule after each series
  • Starting pitchers must rest a minimum of 2 games between starts
  • Rotations will be allowed to reset after each playoff series
  • Starting pitchers may not exceed 1 game and 3 innings of relief per series.
  • Post season playoff teams may designate a starting pitcher(s) to be used as relievers(s) during the post season, with the same restrictions as delivers. However they can NOT be used as a starter unless there are multiple injuries to the starting rotations. This is different from the run allowing a starter to be sued as a reliever in each playoff series.
  • Relief pitchers may not exceed 8 innings pitched per series.
  • Position players are limited in each series to the following guidelines:
  • Players must have 2X the Plate Appearances: Games Played in order to start; otherwise, they can be used as a Pinch Hitter/Runner or Defensive substitution based on the restrictions below: (NEW 1/1/2019)
      • Players who played in 40-79 games in the previous major league season, may play in 3 games during each series.
      • Players who played in 80-110 games in the previous major league season, may play in 5 games during each series
      • Players who played in 110 or more games during the previous major league season, may play in all games of each series
      • Players MUST have 40 games minimum to be eligible for playoffs
      • Players – Steal Restrictions are limited to 25%, based on games played
      • Starting Pitchers are limited in each series to the following guidelines:
      • Pitchers who started 10-19 games in the previous major league season, may start 1 game during each series
      • Pitchers who started in 20-29 games in the previous major league season, may start 2 games during each series
      • Pitchers who started more than 30 games during the previous major league season, may start 3 games in each series
      • Pitchers must have 2X the Innings Pitched: Game in order to start; otherwise, they can be used as a Reliever based on the restrictions below: (NEW 1/1/2019)
      • Relief Pitchers are limited in each series to the following guidelines:
      • Relief Pitchers who had under 40 innings pitched in the previous major league season, may relieve 4 innings during each series
      • Relief Pitchers who had over 40 innings pitched in the previous major league season, may relieve 8 innings during each series
      • Relief Pitchers must have 20 innings pitched in the previous major league season, will NOT be eligible for the playoffs


  • As voted on by all league members, any rule change to the CUBL constitution must be voted on and approved by three-quarters of the number of managers in the league
  • There will be a specified period immediately following the conclusion of each regular season, in which any manager may submit a proposal for rule changes
  • Minor changes may be made by the commissioner based on general consensus